First Came Forever

Author: Annie Woods

Publisher: Pegasus Publisher

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Erica and her closet friends set up the summer vacation, to backpack over beautiful countries and enjoy sightseeing. The girls’ decide to stay at the current location and party, Erica feels out of step with them. Erica pleads them to stick with the original plans. She wants to see all the beautiful sites and attraction that she can. After her pleading is shown useless, she sticks to the original plan and decides to continue on her own.

Waiting in line at a tourist’s attraction, Erica bump into an attractive stranger. A heartthrob! She fell in his arms, like they were destined to meet. On insisting, Erica joins Shasha on his tour. Both develop feelings towards each other until it was perfect, just like a fairy tale! Soon she learns about Shasha, mutually deciding to move to the US.

In the US she starts a new school meeting this amazing bunch of humans, friends – Danny, Ricky and Tyler. Though Tyler and Erica start bitter, the competitiveness between the two sweeten ups the relation. Irrespective of the innumerable fights and taunts, there grows a feeling of liking. Sadly, Erica is tied with Shasha.

But yeah, someone’s poking a nose in this smooth story of love, passion, friendship, betrayal. Who’s that? One of the friend? Or the lover? Or someone outside them?

NUTs and BOLTs

  • Short chapters, not everything happened on the page and there were time lapses that made the story fast paced and as well as put the reader to imagine what might have happened next.
  • Sometimes in romance novels the relationship struggles get a bit immature and petty. That’s not the case here. It’s dealt in quite a mature and realistic way. Though how the leads meet, is pure cliche.
  • The book deals with love, passion, friendship, betrayal, humor, surprising twists and cliff hanger end.
  • The author has done an amazing job at character development.
  • The secondary characters were equally a part of the story and interesting. – Danny’s kindness. Ricky’s gay story line.
  • Not a typical love triangle.
  • Honestly fell in love with the description of the places – Erica and Tyler’s morning runs. Could actually visualize it.  A boaster to go on a run on the shore. 😛

Thank you Annie Woods for the review copy.


Author: rashidadula

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