Forever Disguised

Author: Annie Woods

Publisher: Pegasus Publishers

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Erica meets Charles to know more about Shasha. Sadly, there’s no news on him. Erica is devastated by Shasha’s loss, she is positive that she caused the whole thing. Between picking up herself and grieving for her first love, Erica is confused how the whole thing has turned out. Tyler, on the other hand, is trying all means to help Erica through everything.

Far away, in the God’s own world, away from the evil of the world, is Nate – unknown to his own identity.

Here, where Erica and Tyler are fighting, yet growing together in many ways – Nate is fighting hard to recognize/visualize the beautiful girl, running in his dreams. And Francesca is planning attacks on Erica.

He made her fall in love with him so smoothly and naturally, that she hadn’t even understand it until she had almost lost him.

The story ends with Tyler being an idiot. Shasha being the usual Shasha. Poor Erica stuck in all the mess. And Nate?

NUTs and BOLTs

  • A strong story with developed relationships, friendships, a little crime/thriller and heart pounding moments.
  • A bit darker – deals with loss of a loved one, teenage pregnancy and feeling unsafe in your environment.
  • Smart and short re-introduction of the characters.
  • Except the sudden wildness in her, Erica’s feeling were sincere and real, . She got me emotional several number of times, .
  • I’ll re-read parts of this for surely. Especially, the Erica and Tyler chemistry. Their flawless conversations and emotional bound (touch)
  • Nate added a mystery vibe to the story that made me to turn the next pages. I just knew something was coming, something thrilling, but it remained slow as before.
  • The ending again leaves off with a major cliff hanger.
  • Erica and Tyler are goals. ♥️

Good, then I’ll make you an egg for breakfast from now on. Breakfast in bed seemed to be the best treatment of all for the morning sickness according to the pregnancy forums I read. Or maybe it’s just a myth to get some service by the husband.


You think it’s an abrupt start to the novel, that’s not the case.

Forever Disguised is the sequel to First Came Forever – in the Angel Heart Saga Trilogy by Annie Woods.

You can check the review of the First Came Forever – Here.

Thank you Annie Woods for the review copy.


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