A Shine of Rainbows

Author: a condensation of the book by Lillian Beckwith

Publisher: Hutchinson

Genre: Fiction, Cultural – Scotland

Ratings: ⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

It is a story of Mairi, the devoted, kindly mother; Sandy the taciturn father and Thomas, the orphan, set on a Scottish island.

Mairi and Sandy is a loving couple living a Croft’s life on the island of Corrie. Mairi who has lost babies, foster Thomas from an orphanage. Sandy is disappointed by the boy’s timidity and physical weakness. Mairi seeks to nurture Thomas, he blossoms, growing stronger and confident. He learns and loves the island life, helping his foster parents with the tough island chores. Sandy observes the change and acceptance in Thomas, yet fails to connect with him, until life gives them lemons.

The tale is predictable, sweet, charming, emotional, simple with extraordinary natural beauty to appeal to any reader.

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Illustrated By: Liz Moyes

Reader Digest Condensed Books – Collector’s Library Edition.